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Parkinson's Cafe

From Wednesday 24th April 2019 and on the last Wednesday of each month, we are trialling a Parkinson's Cafe for people  in Calderdale to meet for Friendship, Information and a Cuppa. Venue: In the Cafe, Sainsbury's Supermarket, Wade Street, Halifax Time:   2 - 4 pm  Please contact Caz on 01274 966847 or Ian on 01422 256521 if you want more information. The next meeting is on 26th June, further dates  for the Cafe are:  31st July, 28th August, 25th September, 30th October & 27th November. There will not be a Cafe meeting in December.
The 1st date in 2019 will be 29th January.

More dates will be announced, if the Cafe proves successful.

Legacy Planning

A member, who died recently left the Halifax Branch a legacy of £27,000.  As a branch we have to complete a spending plan and have it approved by head office. 
We are able to spend these funds over 3 years and have been asked to circulate a questionnaire, which enclosed in the July newsletter posted to all branch members, to ask for their ideas.
Please contact any of the committee to relay your thoughts, or fill the form in and return it to us, anonymously if you wish. 

Radio Parkies

Halifax member, Phil Beckett is on air every Wednesday evening 7pm - 8pm, on Radio Parkies, an internet based radio station.

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We send out newsletters, to members, 4 times per year,  usually in April, July, October & December to cut down on postage costs.
You can pick a newsletter up, in person, at most monthly meetings or classes. Below you can view or download and print newsletters by clicking the date.
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