A Present from the Past



The project is aimed at people living with Parkinson’s who are suffering from mild dementia. 
Dementia is defined here as some memory loss, slowness of thought and a general reduction in mental capacity. According to Parkinson’s UK, 50% of people with Parkinson’s develop dementia within 8 years of being diagnosed. Their research shows that 80% of patients who have had Parkinson’s for 20 years or more will have developed dementia. The result can be a loss of confidence and increasing isolation. 


Provide support
Assist participants to recall memories

  • Trigger memories, through stimulants such as:

Sharing memories

Listening to others’ recollections
Seeing and handling artefacts and memorabilia

Also help participants to make voice recordings, if they wish of their memories, so they can take a CD or a similar form of media away to keep and share with their families and friends.

Participants might like to leave the recordings with younger family members as a record of their lives or experiences. Some participants might want to produce written accounts of their memories, or complete a document to leave for their families, answering questions to trigger memories, but often these will just be a starting point, with memories coming tumbling out, especially when they hear others speaking about their recollections. If participants are willing, they could be radio show guests to talk about the past or some of the recorded memories could be edited to be broadcast and reach and benefit a wider audience. If desired participants could remain anonymous, or elect not to be part of any such radio show. This would be for each individual to decide, there would be no pressure to do so.
Should you wish to discuss taking part in this exciting innovative project or learn more about the programme
Please contact:  
Phil Beckett on 01484 713035