Weekly Bonus Ball

Weekly Bonus Ball Scheme

The Lotto Ball scheme has been running since September 2013 and to date
(January 2017) has raised over £7000 for branch funds.

The maximum number of participants is 59

The weekly prize is  £75, drawn every Saturday 

Each week when the Saturday Lotto (The Lotto) is drawn, the person who has the same number as the one drawn, as the bonus ball, wins £75.

Payment is by 12 monthly payments of £8.70, by standing order direct from your bank account.

(This equates to £2 per week over 52 weeks)

If the scheme is fully subscribed, the "profit” of £43 per week will be donated to Halifax Branch of Parkinson’s each and every month

Winners will be paid by credit to their bank account within 10 days of draw.

Thank you to all those who are contributing to Halifax Branch Funds.

There are no vacant numbers, at the moment. If you would like the next available bonus number please contact 

 Ian Barraclough on  01422 256521